Since my childhood notions of Time

Since my childhood notions of Time, Space and Light have preoccupied me. My paintings are from my inner world of memories and dreams. I am not very sure if I can express myself only through words, the modes of my journey. The connection of inner world with all mundane experiences is not easy to explain. However, on many occasions, I realize there is no compartment between the two and that perhaps brings into being incoherent visions in the idioms of colours and shapes. I take it as a temporal perception of my Time Zone which has been changing continuously ever since I was born. I am inspired by the spontaneous tribal painters although to whom painting has never been an organized activity separate from life. I find myself inclined to paint mostly without preparedness. To my inner self and elsewhere, nature is a phenomenon that creates and destroys time and space without a halt.

Writing poetry is also my means of knowing nothingness. My perceptions sometimes bring about amazing personal revelations. As a painter too I have been composing shades of colours that dissolve nature into forms and formlessness and subsequently enter the region of nothingness. One may not be endowed with the knowledge of how to go beyond this experience.

It begins suddenly at an empty space, generates energy, goes on clubbing with opposite forces and finally passes beyond time. I have attempted to identify space at every nook and corner of the landscape, discovering and rediscovering the infinite existence of nothingness. My urge to conceive the truth of our time drives me sometimes to probe the elusive realms of humane existence.

My works on canvas like my poetry talk of the past-of the primal and the historic-of Time’s own future. Some of my paintings, therefore, float into non-stop fantasies dispersed all around. The volatile acts of earth and nature arrest my fancy and lead me to the nucleus of my body and soul drawing me to a unique experience that possibly cannot be expressed through mere words.

In my paintings, I represent nothing. Pure abstraction has become my inevitable destiny. I pray to God and my Guru and meditate before I touch the canvas and like a blessing a painting is born each time. Each time it is new, yet there is an organic unity, a cosmic bonding between all my works. When I paint, I salute the spirit.