Crime against women… On the rise, especially in India

Why? Human race is supposed to evolve every day. Our growth in the field of technology is beyond our comprehension. From monkey to a highly skilled human being, the journey has been long. Instead of showing compassion as a quality which should denote our evolution, we are becoming beasts which is shameful.

But what may be the reasons for such cruel instinct and ugly behavior pattern? Day after day you hear on the television and read in the newspapers about rape, gang rape and sexual abuse. I have been trying to understand why such acts of shame are rampant and increasing every minute. One immediate thought was that earlier such incidents went unreported or were hidden by victims and especially their families and now people are vocal about it. Media has also come in front and is now reporting it in a big way. In the past, things did go unreported.

New Delhi, the capital of India tops the list of cities in being the worst cities in violating women. The Indian government has done a lot to pass such legislations which should empower and protect women but we lack effective implementation. Unfortunately the system which possess to be kind to the women is not so kind to women in reality.

Education, awareness and legislation, nothing has helped the cause of women to live a life self-respect and dignity. There is no equality for women as such, though we may say so in the Indian constitution. Much remains to be done and just that it is too much, we should not give up. Each step in the right direction is desired and needed. We must resolve to take up upon ourselves to improve our situation, our destiny by helping each other, by holding hands, by being non-judgmental. By creating support groups to fight for justice, for redressal of our grievances. More education, more economic independence, more self-reliance is the need of the hour.

Easy access to the internet and sites which are pornographically being watched by majority of all age groups including seniors as well as Kids, has led to increase in sexual crime. Now such sites are a click away and majority of teenagers and adults are obsessed watching them as and when they get a chance. They want to fulfill their wildest fantasies in real life and indulge in such crimes just for the fun of it. Women, be it a kid, a young woman or an elderly do not make much difference to the sexually starved generation. They would do it and most of the time get away with it without much effort.

Why is the world so unsafe for fifty percent of the population in this country? Why is there no respect for women in this country? Why they who keep in them in their womb, nurture and care for them all their life are treated like mere sex objects? What has gone wrong with their upbringing? How can we undo what has gone so wrong? What remedies are there and how do we do what we should and must do?

Women should make strong lobbies for making such laws which can be very effective in crushing such tendencies in people who are indulging in such crimes. Also, there should be strong support groups to fight for the cause of such victims.

Being trained to handle such attempts in self-defense is also very much needed. Creating awareness about how to deal with such advances at the first place will be very effective. Women need to be more focused, more determined and alert to prevent such incidences. Sensation of young boys will go a long way in dealing with this issue in coming days.

Fear of getting punished is missing from the mindset of such criminals. Unless there is quick redressal, quick action, quick disposal of such cases in the courts, nothing is going to change for women in our life time.

In India, girl child is not treated well by her parents, families and the societies even today. The boys are treated differently and they see the girls not being treated at par with them and develop a kind of superiority attitude which does not change in their lifetime. They see their mother and/or sister(s) being ill-treated by their father and other male members and develop that attitude of no respect for women as a natural way of treating all women and if they witness domestic violence being done in their own houses they learn and think that that is the way a woman needs to be treated and controlled. What they learned at home comes as a natural behavior towards all other women they encounter in their lives.

Domestic violence should not be tolerated by women at all if they want the situation to change for themselves and other women as well. Women have to learn to live with self-respect and dignity.

It needs a lot of courage to change the mindset of women themselves. Say you are complete, you are enough, you are unique and you live for yourself.