Mortality and Beyond

Creativity is a phenomenon where you not only transcend your mortal self, but also transcend time and space. When you are in the process of creating something which is intangible, but will manifest in a tangible form, you identify with the creator, you are HIM, not the rest of the world. Such is the journey from yourself to your higher self. There in that inspired moment you touch your own self which is pure and sacred.

Creativity is a state of bliss, a state of pure ecstasy, a moment of ANANDA which in itself is it’s reward.
We the mortals are gifted beings who have the ability to reach our one and only goal of becoming immortal. You reach such a state by creating something which may manifest in a tangible form but has the capacity to transport one’s self in the realm of eternity.

You as an artist travel an unknown path, you are groping in the darkness of knowing nothing and yet there is light not only in the end but throughout the journey, as you are traveling within. In each manifest of your creativity you transform yourself – your inner being, you do not remain the same, you are reborn each time. You give birth and rebirth to yourself, that is the only purpose of this life.

NEENA SINGH seems to be in search of solace. Her colours are soft yet vibrant, looking up to life itself. At times one witnesses deep encounters with the past and memories of the days gone by. Restlessness is carefully hidden behind vibrant hues of oranges and yellows. Her works manifest her search for real purpose of life itself.

NEETU SINGHAL realised her real calling in life while working on a blood cancer project, it sinked in her being that each cell has a life and trillions of life inside us are interconnected. In 2006 she chose art as a profession, her paintings communicate energy. I strongly feel the infinite energy play in her works which are spiritually inclined. Her abstraction comes out of deep rooted belief system and it is not merely a play of colours.
Mortality and Beyond

SASTRY SANYASAYYA , an avid traveler draws his inspiration from nature and his core being. His experiences of life, as such are deep and intense. He represents the free spirit who is restrained by his circumstances. He transcends the mundane through his creativity and finds immense joy while executing his paintings. Fond memories of journeys made inside and outside both merge and manifest harmony on the canvas

HANUMANTHA RAO DEVULAPALLI in his paintings crosses known boundaries and reaches the metaphysical realm where one is connected to the universe. There is sublime balance which is serene and brings inner solace to the creator as well as to the viewer. Highly oriental in approach and on the verge of merging with tantra.

ARPITA BHAVSAR like all creative people has chartered on a journey where she goes forth and back into the past, into lost childhood and repeated subconscious patterns. She sooner or later will find herself in the process.
AMIT DAS ’s works seems to be in a mortal journey and the journey seems to be a long one where with consistent efforts and self awareness he will arrive one day.

SANGEETA GUPTA, for me art has always been a medium to connect with my higher self and the cosmic energies do take me into their folds where I become one with them and dissolve myself to emerge as an energy field.

It is for the viewer to see much beyond what is manifest on the canvas with inner eyes and become one with the paintings on display and experience a metamorphosis because the creators have already metamorphosed.