Concept Statement

To me abstract art is a means to reach the non-objective experiences that help shape the inner life. It is a witness to the fact that mans spiritual needs do not disappear even in times engulfed by gross materialism.

For about three decades notions of Time, Space and Light have preoccupied me. My paintings and drawings proceed from my inner world of memories and dreams. I am not certain if I can express myself fully only through words my entire journey. The connection of my inner world with all mundane experiences is not easy to explain. However, on many occasions, I realize there is no compartment between the two and that perhaps brings into being incoherent visions in the idiom of colors and shapes. My recent paintings make me observe a number of shades and a series of conclusion converging at different points of the space. My Time Zone has been continuously changing ever since I was born. Some of my works have limited strokes of colours and a limited range too, but they have possibly added wider dimensions to my themes. I find myself inclined to paint mostly without preparedness. To my inner self and elsewhere, nature is a phenomenon that creates and destroys time and space without a halt.

When I choose to paint abstract I am only striving to liberate myself through colours as my tools, invoking the infinite and the five elements as my source of inspiration. It is my endeavour to blend two or more elements to create harmony. Painting is my way to meditate and discover my own self. When I draw or paint I am in search of my own self. For me it is a way of re- inventing my identity. For me it is an act of faith, where I converse with the universe.